Tyler Posey And Chloe Grace Moretz Must Save The World From A 'Funny Or Die' Snackpocalypse

Even the First Lady is along for the (hilarious) ride!

Tyler Posey faces the arduous task of battling a series of villains who threaten his pack as well as his loved ones on "Teen Wolf." But in the "Funny or Die" video below, T.Po ain't in Beacon Hills anymore: He's facing a Snackpocalypse and needs to assist Chloë Grace Moretz in her mission to save the world from turning into junk-food zombies.

In the (fake) end-of-the-world movie trailer below, Moretz -- channeling Tris from the "Divergent" trilogies -- is a girl who eats healthy food and is naturally set apart from the different factions at her high school (Pop Rockers, Chip Chubs and Pizza Pals, to name a few) who choose to chow down on junk food. She gets some encouragement from Posey, who magically swoops in and tells the reluctant heroine that she's the only hope for everyone to stop eating unhealthy snacks.

After she explains that she likes eating fruits and vegetables every now and then, Posey interrupts and urges her to keep quiet. "Don't let them hear you," he says. "Do you want to see my back tattoos?" he asks, seemingly poking fun at the Dauntless leader Four. That's our boy!

Watch the entire clip -- and see a special appearance from Michelle Obama!