The Weeknd's Newly Single High Has Gone Away In 'After Hours'

The album of the same name will be out on March 20

There's a certain point after a breakup when the newly single high just doesn't hit like it used to. You can surround yourself with new faces and all, but you begin to see that ex's smile everywhere when they aren't actually there. Memories invade your mind every waking second and you have to smack your hand before you press send on that "I miss u" text.

The Weeknd's right here in his new song, "After Hours." It's the title track for his fourth studio album and it paints a picture of the mood of the LP. He really, really needs someone to take his phone before he opens up an old chapter that probably should be left in the past.

"After Hours" is about a man pleading for another chance after things have ended on, what sounds like, a sour note. Its energetic and synth-filled atmosphere sounds plucked from the opening credits of a corny 1980s action flick. Instead of matching this sweat-inducing spirit, The Weeknd sings softly about getting back his ex by any means. He sounds emotionally tortured here, pleading with tears in his eyes. "Put myself to sleep / Just so I can get closer to you inside my dreams / Didn't want to wake up unless you were beside me," he sings so low that it's almost a whisper.

Just as you're feeling sad for him though, he casually mentions on the chorus that it's his fault that she packed her bags. "I'd give it all just to hold you close / Sorry that I broke your heart, your heart," he carols sweetly. Ah, everything makes sense now. Stay far away, ex!

Along with the release of "After Hours," The Weeknd has shared that the new album of the same name will be out on March 20. Its cover art has also been revealed featuring a bloodied The Weeknd smiling at the camera. It mirrors the styles of the videos for both "Heartless" and "Blinding Lights," two previously shared singles.

What makes "After Hours" so intriguing is that "Heartless," which dropped last November and will appear on the album, feels like its complete opposite. On the latter track, The Weeknd snottily brags about not needing a partner. He's back to his old ways and he loves every second of it. With his wounded wails of "After Hours" now out, it'll be interesting to hear the journey between the two moods when the LP drops.

Take a listen to The Weeknd's regret-filled "After Hours" up above.

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