Remember When Rihanna Reinvented Red Lipstick?

Please hang her selfies in the Louvre, thank you

Rihanna has really thrown herself into the launch of her latest venture, Fenty Beauty, and has been so, so excited about the all-inclusive range and the shades that make it pop.

She's got a new product coming out, a red liquid lipstick, and it's already taken one of the most dependable staples in anyone's makeup bag and rendered it obsolete. Before, we were living in the Pre-Stunna era. Now, we're fully in it, and no substitute will do.

Her entire Instagram has been more or less dedicated to the lip paint, with various photos showing different models looking gorgeous in the same potent scarlet.

Who needs a glam squad when Ri's showing you how to get red carpet-ready glam with a casual DIY tutorial?

Stunna hits shelves (and your vanity) November 23, and hey — maybe Ezra Miller will paint it up Stunna style at the Justice League American premiere, too.

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