Robert Pattinson Thinks Talking About His Relationships 'Devalues What Love Is'

We still miss Rob and K-Stew, TBH

When it comes to sharing details about his love life, Robert Pattinson isn't someone who's very forthcoming with much information in that regard at all.

However, he was quite vocal in a recent interview with The Sunday Times, where he unexpectedly opened up a bit about whether he was currently on good terms with his ex-girlfriends Kristen Stewart (Twilight forever!) and FKA Twigs. As usual, Pattison wasn't into giving explicit details, but he did oblige with a "yes, yes" and reflected on a tweet from 2012 where Donald Trump, pre-presidency, famously offered "advice" to Pattinson not to take Stewart back, according to Elle.

"She cheated on him like a dog & will do it again—just watch. He can do much better!” the bizarre tweet read.

But Pattinson wasn't as keen to discuss his ex-girlfriends, or any of his relationships beyond the tiniest of comments he offered in response to questions about Stewart or FKA Twigs. When asked about current girlfriend Suki Waterhouse, his response was a cool "do I have to talk about her?" in lieu of any information. He then launched into why it is he behaves in this manner regarding his love life.

"If you let people in, it devalues what love is," Pattinson explained. "If a stranger on the street asked you about your relationship, you’d think it extremely rude. If you put up a wall it ends up better. I can’t understand how someone can walk down the street holding hands, and it’s the same as when I do it and a hundred people are taking your photo. The line between when you’re performing and when you’re not will eventually get washed away and you’ll go completely mad.”

It's perfectly understandable to not want to share intimate details like those – and Pattinson's explanation certainly makes sense. But surely we can be forgiven for wanting to know every sordid detail about what happened between our favorite Twilight couple, right?

In any case, we respect your privacy, Robert.