Oasis' Liam Hurls "Nipple" At Beatles' Harrison

October 7 [7:55 EDT] -- The battle of words between Oasis and one of their mentors, Beatle George Harrison, has taken an odd new turn.

Last year, the Beatles guitarist suggested in the Euro-press that Oasis might be better off without their frontman, Liam Gallagher, whom Harrison called "the silly one." More recently, Harrison speculated in a French news interview that Oasis wouldn't even be remembered 30 years from now.

Now, Liam, the brother who doesn't write the songs, has lashed back in an interview with MTV Europe in his own, unique style.

I still love the Beatles and I still love George Harrison as a song writer in the Beatles, but as a person I think he's a f***ing nipple. [article id="1439244"]And if I ever meet him I'll f**king tell him. And if you're watching, NIP-PLE! [500k QuickTime][/article], Gallagher told MTV Europe.

So it goes to show, all the time the Beatles and all of that, it so f***ing stuff stupid because he's the

silly one, because he reads the press. How's he know I'm silly? I'm not silly. He only reads the press, you know what I mean? So he's the f***ing silly one." [500k QuickTime]

For those of you who aren't up on your British slang, we're told that "nipple" is just the latest way to call someone an idiot.

Meanwhile, in Oasis music news, the band continued its attempt to replicate its blockbuster U.K. success in the States with an appearance on "Saturday Night Live" this past weekend. Oasis plays two more scheduled New York City dates on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

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