Meek Mill Asks For Fans' Prayers As He Reportedly May Face More Prison Time

He reportedly was ordered to appear in court Thursday morning.

UPDATE (12/11/2015, 11:30 a.m.): According to Aubrey Whelan of The Philadelphia Inquirer, Meek Mill's hearing will continue next week. Nicki Minaj testified at his hearing on Thursday.

"He never purposefully goes against rules," Nicki said in court. "He absolutely wants to make this a smooth transition."

Prosecutor Noel DeSantis said that fans of Drake "blew up" her phone, asking her to arrest Meek.

The text of the original story is below.

It's been about a year since Meek Mill was released from prison, and he could be headed back before long, according to TMZ.

The Philly rapper, who has been on probation due to a prior drug and gun charge conviction, reportedly needs to obtain a travel voucher if and when he wants to leave his hometown. He's been on the move a lot this year, so he seems to have been following orders to this point. However, he was ordered to appear in court on Thursday morning (Dec. 10) for a probation violation.

"Pray 4 me... It's in gods hands!" Meek wrote on Instagram this morning, seeming to confirm the reports.

"Meek will be in criminal court for a hearing over whether or not he violated his probation due to travel restrictions for his work," a source told Page Six last night.

TMZ speculates the violation could have been during his trip to Los Angeles for the American Music Awards on Nov. 22. Prior to that, he was in Atlanta, to perform at the Bacardi House Party, on Nov. 20.

Hopefully this is just a mix up and Meek doesn't end up back behind bars. We'll update the story as more info becomes available.