Turns Out Guys Are Bigger Online Shopaholics Than Women

Men be shoppin'.

There's the old stereotype of a man being dragged to go shopping with his girlfriend. He spends all his time sitting on a bench or the seats in the shoe section while his better half scans the racks and rifles through garments in the dressing room.

An entire Instagram documents this painful experience for men, but maybe dudes secretly aren't that annoyed by a little bargain hunting. A new survey suggests men are bigger online shoppers than women are.


A poll of 1,000 U.S. citizens conducted by Bronto Software determined that almost 30% of men shop online weekly, compared to only 18% of women. That's a big jump from last year, when the survey found that men and women shopped online at the same rate.

Keep in mind this isn't a measure of the actual transactions. The results don't specify whether one demographic is actually out-buying or outspending the other. But online window shopping is still shopping, just as going to the mall and leaving empty-handed still counts.

As for what's behind the male shopping surge, Bronto research chief Jim Davidson chalks it up to convenience. "You can learn about size, colors, free shipping. There's less of a barrier to entry," he told Direct Marketing News.

Not to mention, half the battle of shopping is just dealing with the IRL hassle of crowds, checkout lines and mallrats. Complex also posits that the uptick could be traced to the growth of the menswear industry and an increasing interest in men's fashion over the past couple years.

With all these factors combined, it looks like we're in the process of creating a generation of male shopaholics. Finally, gender barriers have been broken and we can unite as one species under one philosophy:


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