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Meet America's Newest Sweetheart, Haley Lu Richardson

She took off her heels mid-Movie & TV Awards — need I say more?

Haley Lu Richardson may have been bested by Noah Centineo for Breakthrough Performance at this year’s MTV Movie & TV Awards, but she certainly won in the category of Our Hearts. We always knew Haley’s personality was infectious — just watch her explain Riverdale to her Five Feet Apart co-star, Cole Sprouse — but now, it’s official: From the red carpet all the way through her graceful loss, the actress laughed, smiled, and joked her way into America's Sweetheart status.

Let’s start with her display on the red carpet. Step-and-repeats can be boring. Most people will walk along a carpet, stopping on each X marked along the way, offering up the same few poses in each spot before slipping inside the event. That’s not Haley. She walked alongside her fiancé Brett Dier, and she made sure every single moment of it was unabashedly fun. Haley was captured tonguing Brett’s cheek and picking his nose, showing that she really wasn’t taking the glitz and glamour of the event all that seriously. It was a time for fun, and so fun she had! (For further proof of a good time, peep the wide smile that literally never left her face.)

Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

2019 MTV Movie And TV Awards - Brett Dier Haley Lu Richardson

Haley wasn’t just attending the show as a nominee, but also had the high honor of serving as a presenter during the ceremony. And lo and behold, being the Sweetheart that she is, as soon as she walked onto the stage, there was something immediately relatable about her: her feet. In a truly inspired move, Haley had taken off her heels to avoid slipping on the slick runway, fulfilling the dream of cramped feet everywhere. Her plan panned out: She walked flawlessly and reveled in the success when she got to her destination. “I didn’t trip! So that’s a good thing,” she said.

Haley then firmly placed her footwear onto the podium before announcing the Best Performance in a Show — a category that just so happened to be full of badass women, which she deemed “pretty darn cool” — and was genuinely excited to announce Elisabeth Moss’s win. Who doesn’t love a self-assured lady fully capable of celebrating and supporting others?

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2019 MTV Movie And TV Awards Haley Lu Richardson

And speaking of supporting others, back at her seat, Haley continued to let her dogs breathe for the rest of the night, using her shoes to amplify her applause as Noah accepted his Golden Popcorn.

So to recap, Haley Lu Richardson embraces wide smiles, endless fun, silliness, comfort, and, most importantly, her peers. If that's not the making of America's Sweetheart, I don't know what is.

And if you need more convincing, check out the video below: