This Is What The Internet Thought Of Drake's Meek Mill Diss Song

Is Drizzy really 'Charged Up' on the track?

On his OVO Sound Beats 1 radio show last night (July 25), Drake unleashed his even-handed response to Meek Mill’s ghostwriter accusations, “Charged Up.” We mentioned Meek’s response already, but what about the gaping maw of the internet? Did Drake manage to break it with his cool put-downs? Early reports suggest a firm yes.

This "Dragon Ball Z" meme seems to reflect how many listeners felt about the song.

Toronto City Councillor Norm Kelly — who’s involved himself in the Drake vs. Meek beef before — seems to agree, posting his support for Drake with a simple picture.

Actress Taraji P. Henson got in on the action, showing support for Drake’s hint of social consciousness.

Some people took issue with Drake’s casual use of Nicki Minaj as a prop in his argument.

Others pointed out that Drake’s claim to never be “starstruck” doesn’t entirely hold up:

Many raised the question of how Nicki might be feeling about the beef:

On the whole, social media seems to feel as if Drake’s response was a strong maneuver. What do you think?

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