The Makonnen And OVO Experiment Has Reportedly Ended

Plus, Makonnen drops a Lil B collab

The unceremonious relationship between ILOVEMAKONNEN and his label seems to have come to an end.

According to Billboard, the singer is no longer signed to OVO Sound. The partnership began in September 2014, on the heels of the success of "Tuesday," Makonnen's breakout, whose remix featured label founder Drake.

The tension has been building for some time, though. Last May, Makonnen posted negative tweets about the team, writing, "f--k @drake: and @ovo for getting on @fettywap remix and leaving me in the #cold." He later deleted them and said he was hacked. Then, in December, he gave a not-so-glowing endorsement of their relationship: "It's cool, they put out my music and stuff and we just keep it moving. Let them tell you their relationship with Makonnen. I'm just an artist, being an artist, and there's only so much that I can do."

Inverse points out that projects in 2014 and 2015 were credited on OVO Sound/Warner Bros. Records Inc., while last month's Drink More Water 6 is only listed under Warner. A month ago, Drake shouted out the artists signed to his label on Instagram -- and Makonnen's name was nowhere to be found.

Makonnen doesn't seem to be letting any label issues or changes stop his releases, though. Late last night, he released "Can't Let It Go," a new collaboration with Lil B.

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