A$AP Rocky Writes ‘Fashion Killa’ For All His Girlfriends

By Maurice Bobb with reporting by Nadeska Alexis

It's all right there in the song. A$AP Rocky, who, along with 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar and Drake, expounds on his love of sexual relations with copious amounts of women on his megahit, "Fuckin' Problems," from his predicted #1 Billboard-charting debut, Long.Live.ASAP, revealed while explaining his new love song, "Fashion Killa," that he truly does live by the song's refrain: “I love bad b-tches that's my f-ckin' problem/and yeah I like to f-ck I gotta f-ckin' problem.”

“I'm a be real with you, I been having fun this whole time,” A$AP said about his dealings with women during his meteoric rise in the game. “This whole year I been f-cking a lot of girls. I don't have one girlfriend at the moment, so I don't have anybody to talk about. So, I'm talking about different, multiple girls because that's what's going on in life. I gotta keep it real with you guys. I can't just front.”

The would-be hip-hop Caligula sat down with MTV News recently to talk about penning lyrics about his love for fashion-forward ladies on the track, but warned that fans shouldn't expect more of this type of material in the future.

“I know how to be sensitive to women, of course, but I would prefer to keep that on a more intimate, non-lyrical verbal kind of way,” A$AP said. “I would prefer to be physically intimate with a woman behind closed doors, behind the scenes. On record, that's just not what I'm accustomed to always doing. Not saying that I don't do it, but I want it to be rare if I do it. If I go around making just love songs all day, by the time I do it, after the second or third time, it's not rare. Doesn't matter, it’s just another love song. If I rap about f-ckin’ lean right now, it's not gonna matter. If I rap about weed and purple drank, you would expect that. So I feel like that's a really, really sensitive, touchy situation because you can't fake it. Girls are gon know if you fake it. Like trying to make it, you don't come at girls corny like that.”

The Harlemite got to know Drake really well during the “Club Paradise” Tour and noticed that the OVO frontman has a little bit more latitude when it comes to crooning for the ladies.

“The only person that I can say who made girl songs and gets away with it, like gets away with it all the time, is Drake,” A$AP said. “You know they got jokes on him all day, ‘Oh, that ni--a off on all this other shit.’ But I look at it like, man, you know, that's what he does. If he's gon' make girly songs and the girls love him, go to a Drake show, it looks like a American model pageant. A whole bunch of girls just fillin’ up arenas. My shows just a bunch of sweaty dudes in the crowd with the foam around the mouth. ‘ASAP!’ I want some girls at my shows. I want the beauty pageant girls.”