Diddy, Atlanta Radio Host 'Talked It Out' After Club Rant

Kenny Burns tells MTV News that Diddy's anger was directed at someone in his booth.

Diddy said he's sorry, T.I. said he meant no disrespect, and radio personality Kenny Burns said there is no beef.

Things may have gotten a little heated in Atlanta club Compound this weekend when Diddy chastised a clubgoer for drinking Grey Goose vodka instead of the Puff-endorsed Ciroc, but it's all good now, according to Burns, who can be seen arguing with Diddy in a video of the incident.

"Puff and I got a long history of knowing each other and it's really nothing we can't talk out, because we done been through a lot," Burns told MTV News.

In the clip, Diddy -- who was hosting a BET Hip Hop Awards afterparty on Saturday alongside T.I. -- was on the microphone hyping up the crowd. At one point, the music stopped and the Bad Boy CEO barked at a patron for drinking his rival Grey Goose. "Bitch-ass n---a, put that sh-- down," he yelled into the mic before appearing to throw a piece of ice.

After Diddy's tirade, T.I., who was just released from prison and is currently on probation, grabbed the mic to reason with his collaborator and friend to let the people drink what they want.

V-103 radio host Kenny Burns is also seen on the tape, and to some, it appeared that Diddy's anger was directed at him. Not the case, said Burns, who has an endorsement deal with Grey Goose. "The only truth to that is that I'm an ambassador for Grey Goose and that he is an ambassador for Ciroc," he said. "At the end of the day, no, he was not talking to me. He was actually going at somebody in my booth. He made a mention in a song, 'Everybody put your bottles up,' and my table happened to be in front of his, and we were all drinking Grey Goose."

Burns insists that he was trying to play peacemaker, helping protect Puff's image and his friend as well. "I thought I'd jump in it and put my man back where he was supposed to be so he wasn't in harm's way and then climb up on the ledge and holla at Puff," he said. "At the end of the day, he's an icon of our generation. He don't need that look."

During a Wild 105.7 interview in Atlanta, T.I. clarified that he wasn't disrespecting Diddy but simply trying to "defuse the situation." Diddy has since taken to Twitter to apologize for his actions, and Kenny Burns said it has all been resolved. "Immediately after the club, myself and him went behind the cars and talked like men," he said. "We talked it out."

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