‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 9: The Politics Episode

In which Ira and Doreen get very wonky and very black

Hello Speed Dialers! Ira Madison III and Doreen St. Félix return with another episode of “Speed Dial with Ira and Doreen,” MTV’s bicoastal podcast about music, pop culture, sex, and race.

Welcome to the Politics episode! In the wake of the conventions, Ira and Doreen get very wonky and very black. First, your hosts interview Harvard Professor Leah Wright Rigueur. Professor Rigueur literally wrote the book on the history of black conservatives in the U.S.: The Loneliness of the Black Republican. Did you know black voters were once majority Republican? Professor Rigueur breaks down all the stats, including the hilarity that is Ben Carson. Next, Ira and Doreen bask in the glory of Michelle Obama. If you somehow missed it, Michelle gave an incredible speech at the DNC that made the case for Hillary Clinton, but more importantly, for Michelle as dictator of us all.

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