'Inside Out' Is Just As Emotional Without A Peek Inside Riley's Mind

All it's missing is Bing Bong.

"Inside Out" is all about the inside. The personified emotions aren't just cute, and Bing Bong is not just hilarious. Seeing inside Riley's mind puts us at ease about our own scattered emotions, sad moments and the tragic fates of our old imaginary friends. (Although not all perish in a land of lost memories. Some of them just move to New York with all of her awesome dogs without telling you. Not that I'm still bitter or anything. What's good, Carrie Dell?)

What would "Inside Out" be like without Sadness and Joy, if all that was left was the outside expression of sadness and joy? "Inside Out: Outside Edition," made by Jordan Hanzon, takes the inside out of the movie and shows what the rest of the world would see of Riley. And, oh man, does it still smack you right in the feels.

The 15-minute mini movie has all of the inner workings of Riley's rattled mind removed, showing just a sad little girl, longing for home and struggling to cope. Without the behind-the-scenes look at her feelings, the outstandingly-animated facial expressions of the characters carry the emotions.

Check out "Outside Edition" and get ready to have your gut punched by Pixar realness again. Minus Bing Bong.

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