Lindsay Lohan Recreated A Scene From 'The Parent Trap' And The Nostalgia Is Overwhelming

Complete with British accent

Raise your hand if you're still upset we don't have a Parent Trap sequel starring Lindsay Lohan. Now that all hands are proudly raised, I'm happy to announce we have the next best thing. Sort of.

On March 18, Lohan recreated one of her two iconic characters, complete with British accent. She did what all celebs seem to keep doing and sharing on Instagram: Dubsmashing.

But Lohan didn't just Dubsmash a random song or movie scene, oh no. She Dubsmashed her 11-year-old self, and it was glorious '90s nostalgia.

In case you haven't seen The Parent Trap in a long time (shame on you), Lohan is reciting one of Annie James's lines in the scene right before camp leaders Marva Kulp Sr. and Marva Kulp Jr. discover Annie's bunk was sabotaged and boobytrapped out the wazoo.

Buena Vista Pictures

The Parent Trap

Lohan also shared an adorable throwback pic to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, captioning it, "Happy #St.Patrick'sDayReds 💚🍀May your blessings out number the shamrocks that grow. And may trouble avoid you wherever you go💚🍀."

Seriously, this movie was everything back in the day. I still can't listen to "Bad to the Bone" without thinking of that intense AF poker game that resulted in British Lindsay Lohan having to jump into the lake "butt naked."

Buena Vista Pictures

The Parent Trap

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