Sigourney Weaver Appalled By Offer To Be In 'Aliens' Game, Not Slated For 'Ghostbusters'

Yesterday, my MTV News colleague Josh Horowitz got some time with Weaver to discuss some projects. I asked him to inquire about her involvement in the two announced "Aliens" games and the new "Ghostbusters" games.

First, this is what she said about the calamitous pitch she was given to be in an "Aliens" game:

"They wanted me to do Ripley and I said, Well you have Ripley killing aliens but also sick people and other marines! And every other word out of my mouth was a curse word. I’m not a nun or anything, but I said, 'This is not true to the character.' And they also showed me six video games and said it was going to be made by this company. There was one called 'Rednecks' where they shoot animals. The whole thing was so ridiculous."

"I’m not a nun or anything, but I said, 'This is not true to the character.'"

A few things to note: According to Sega, Weaver isn't talking about them, something that I suspected after noting that neither Obsidian nor Gearbox, makers of the upcoming Sega "Aliens" role-playing game and first-person shooter, appear to have made a game about rednecks.

I contacted Sega, where a spokesperson told me that the publisher had not contacted Weaver about participating in either game. I followed up to ask if Sega wanted Weaver and/or her character Ripley involved in either adventure. Sega p.r. man Denny Chiu replied over e-mail, telling me: "Currently we haven't announced any talent for either Aliens games. You’ll just have to wait and see about more details concerning the storylines in the games. (winking emoticon)"

What "Redneck" game was Weaver referring to? Was it late-90s shooter "Rednek Rampage"? But that game's now-defunct development studio doesn't appear to have released any Aliens games. Can any Multiplayer readers piece this one together?

Josh also asked Weaver about whether she would be involved in next year's Atari-published "Ghostbusters" game.  "I’d be part of one that was high quality," she said. See? She likes games. But, she added: "I don’t think they even asked me to be a part of the [new] 'Ghostbusters' one. If they did I don’t remember it and maybe I was just busy."

I reached out to Atari to find out if the publisher wants Weaver in the game and if they asked. Maybe she had just forgotten. And it does have voice work from the main guys who played the Ghostbusters. Why not the film series' leading lady? But I've not heard back by press time.

For more on Weaver's interest in new "Aliens" and "Ghostbusters" movies, check out the MTV Movies blog.

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