Delena Made Us Weep Like Babies in This Week's 'Vampire Diaries' And Now What

"Honesty, it's all just very complicated right now."

As the sun continues to set on Nina Dobrev's time as the leading lady of Mystic Falls, things are getting super duper emotional between our Elena Gilbert and her (current) main squeeze Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder).

And this week's newest installment of "The Vampire Diaries" -- titled "I'd Leave My Happy Home For You" as a nod to Damon's ooey gooey devotion to All Things Elena -- pretty much just reduced us to a puddle of sobs because how much more of this can we actually handle and why does anything have to end ever?!

First, there was so much swoony promise stuff.

Damon and Elena GIF 1
Damon and Elena GIF

With Delena, there's always the question of "us" lurking around, and with all this cure business afoot, Elena's got a special case of the frets that her re-becoming a human will make them different. Well, duh. But per Damon, his love is truly immortal (see what we did there?). Equipped with his signature little squint-stare, he does his best to quell her fears of the unknown by promising that he is totally head over heels for her forever and ever no matter what, amen. And we melt.

Also, Damon arranged a little meet cute at the clocktower because young love is insatiable.

Elena and Damon Jump Clocktower GIF

Of COURSE they're that couple that ditches their friends' same-night bachelor/bachelorette parties to coo sweet nothings about forever to eachother because they just can't stay away. Of course they are.

Only, they ramp things up a notch do it 50 meters up on a clock tower over a pack of french fries. Yum.

But then the subject of his second greatest love came up.

Elena Its All Just Very Complicated Right Now GIF

That is: his existence as a vampire. Unlike his guilty-burdened brethren, this Salvatore has made exactly zero bones about his love affair with vampirism.

Alaric Damon Bachelor Party GIF

But for Elena? He can quit it, cold turkey, with no holding it against her whatsoever. Or, if there is a hint of remorse, well, at least he looks sexy when he's resentful. And also he's very modest.

Vampire Diaries 6x20 Damon Smiles

But the fact is that Damon still doesn't actually want to take the Cure.

While Elena might have all these grand ambitions of her next run at mortality - like becoming the sweet Doctor Save-Em-All and popping out lots of stunning little Delena babies - Sir Damon's never really found his passionate purpose for having a pulse. Other than being The Mr. Elena Gilbert, whatever that entails. Even if it means sacrificing his eternal flame, Which is just so damn sweet that we need a bar of chocolate NOW because - gulp - all the feels. But we know better than to think that's going to just happen like poof.

'Cause Now-Cured-Elena's putting her human little foot down about this.

Elena Takes the Cure GIF

Oh right, so Elena's human again.

Yep ... without much ado at all -- kind of an afterthought of the episode, really -- Elena has officially now downed the Cure.

Um, surprise?! We guess?

TVD Elena falls over GIF

And then all these beautiful memories of her and Damon started coming into her brain and she LITERALLY FAINTED WITH JOY. You guys.

But then that's when things started getting tricky.

You see, if there's anything we've learned over the last almost-six seasons, it's that Elena's really good at getting her way. From everyone. But especially Damon and Company.

And now that she can remember Damon shutting down her "Let's Be Humans Together La La La" idea before, she knows the dealio. And she's not going to let him chug it down without a fight.

Damon and Alaric Cheers GIF

The writing's on the wall, but what does it say!?! And now we have to wait another week because life is cruel. CRUEL.

Just two episodes left for Nina and now we're weeping again from all the emotional overload.

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