Oh, So This Is How Ariana Grande Hurt Her Hand With James Corden

It involves an escape room. Happy Halloween!

Over the summer, in the lead-up to her Sweetener album drop, Ariana Grande hopped into James Corden's SUV and belted out some of her top hits for Carpool Karaoke. Throughout that video, Ari's left hand was conspicuously bandaged up, as if she'd injured it. She acknowledged this on Twitter, too, without offering the full explanation.

Well, folks, now we have the full story. She fell down trying to run away from a wriggling faceless man in a spooky escape room. If you go to the tape — which Corden's Late Late Show ran Tuesday night (October 30) just in time for Halloween — you see it right at the end. It looks painful!

To her credit, Ari said she loved escape rooms and had done hundreds of them. What she wasn't expecting, though, was a near pitch-black experience that played out more like a twisted nightmare than anything resembling a fun afternoon group outing.

After a few pretty intense scares (mostly involving people jumping out of random corners), the pair made their way to the final room, where they had to complete a puzzle and find their way out. That's when the demon guy (??) crawled out of a hole in the ground and began terrorizing them. And that's when Ari slipped and fell on her hand.

By the end, she's bandaged up and ready to move on from the ordeal. "Honest to God, I'm not gonna lie, don't I look kinda hard?" she asked Corden, who agreed. Ari then offered her final assessment of the encounter: "That's not an escape room. That's one of the seven gates to hell." Presumably, she filmed her Carpool Karaoke segment directly after this, so props to her for keeping it together!

Check out all the madness in the clip above. Happy Halloween!

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