Watch Selena Gomez' Pre-Show Ritual: Bikes, Pickles And Britney!

MTV News gets an exclusive behind-the-scenes look the 'Stars Dance' World Tour.

VANCOUVER -- She may be showing off her new dance moves, covering Rihanna and singing all of her hit songs, but the fun doesn't stop for Selena Gomez once she steps off the stage on her Stars Dance World Tour.

Last week, MTV News got an exclusive look backstage at the Stars Dance kickoff in Vancouver, British Columbia, with Gomez showing us what a day in the life is like for her while on tour.

Gomez invited us back into her zen-like dressing room, with lights hanging from the ceiling and sheer purple curtains draping over the couches. Relaxing incense overpowered the room. The "Come & Get It" singer, who admitted pickles and fried Cheetos are her food of choice on tour, sat on the floor among her dancers, doing some last minute homework for the show -- watching videos of her idol, Britney Spears.

"That's our inspiration I think because it's just so good," Gomez said of Spears. "I think that's the vibe, I want everybody to be able to come in."

Throughout the day, Gomez rode her bike, "Dolce," through the venue, while her dancers rolled around on scooters, keeping up their energy for the show. At night, minutes before she hit the stage, she gathered her crew for one final pep-talk.

"Preshow rituals, we usually just kind of get together, I have about 20 minutes of lockdown where I do vocal warm-ups," Gomez revealed. "And then my dancers come in and we hype each other up. We just kind of run around, get the adrenaline going through us and go onstage and wish for the best."

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Once she gets under the big lights, Gomez shows off her fresh, new choreography while singing in front of thousands of Selenators, who she makes a point of meeting on her tour stop.

"The best part being able to tour with my music -- and just touring in general -- is being able to witness what your music can do for people, so that's the reward of it all," Gomez said. "So having to meet them individually and get to thank them for that is a really good feeling. I'm stoked and I'm really happy to be here."

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