Day26 Keep It Together, Danity Kane Don't On 'Making The Band' Finale

'There will never be another Danity Kane unless it's these girls here,' Diddy promises.

[article id="1609767"]Day26 had to own up to their issues[/article] during the season-three finale of "Making the Band 4," hosted by Sway on Thursday night.

All season, the group had fought over finances and creative control of their sound, even causing [artist id="1244169"]Diddy[/artist] to send the band on a cruise without Qwanell Mosley. "It didn't feel right without Que," bandmember Brian Andrews said of the trip. Que added, "It was a wakeup call. I was lonely."

Diddy warned the boys that if they didn't keep themselves in check, they may end up like Danity Kane, whose many conflicts led [article id="1597082"]Diddy to fire two members on last season's finale[/article] and [article id="1609473"]one more last week[/article].

[artist id="3006111"]Day26[/artist], along with castmate Donnie Klang, used Thursday night as an opportunity to clear the air. "Honestly, I was going through a lot. I apologize," Que said about his actions over the season. Will Turner added that things are now cool with Que, and the guys said that the group couldn't exist without him.

Klang, the show's only solo act, addressed the fact that he was overshadowed by the two groups. "It was frustrating, 'cause I love them, and obviously, it took up a lot of TV time, and I felt like I missed out," he said.

But the moment everyone was waiting for was when Diddy reunited with [artist id="2400155"]Danity Kane[/artist] -- minus Aundrea Fimbres, who opted not to come after being fired the previous week.

"I felt like I was the oracle," [article id="1603737"]Dawn Richard[/article], now the only DK member still signed to Bad Boy, said of her efforts to keep the group together. "I think this was a good journey for us."

[article id="1603612"]Shannon Bex[/article], who didn't come back to the show or the group this season, said she needed to take some time for herself and her marriage. "I was at a crossroads," she explained.

The girls still didn't really want to say who or what was to blame for the split, but [article id="1609923"]D. Woods, one of the members Diddy fired[/article] last year, seemed to think it was a long time coming. "I will say that it was something that started from the beginning when this group was put together, and there wasn't a sound foundation," she said.

[article id="1604504"]Aubrey O'Day[/article], who at times was blamed for the breakup, added, "After being kicked out [last season], I learned you have to fight to stay happy, and that takes forgiveness of yourself."

"We had different agendas," Dawn said. "When we weren't happy, we started doing different things."

Then Diddy weighed in. "They were doing their best," he said. "I don't know the reasons they broke up. I tried. I don't think us talking about the past is going to get us anywhere."

Shannon tried to smooth things over, telling Diddy, "We don't take for granted you or any of our accomplishments."

After Diddy wished them well on their solo careers, the ladies were asked if they'd ever consider making DK work again. The consensus: not right now.

"I think if everything could work out absolutely," Aubrey said.

"I definitely feel like the season we had was wonderful," D. Woods said. "But right now, it's a new chapter."

Shannon was on the fence about a reunion. "I think, at this point in time, no not yet, but maybe one day we can come back together."

Diddy left the door open, promising that there'd be no DK without the original girls. "I think that everybody needs a time-out, but I will have this announcement: There will never be another Danity Kane unless it's these girls here," he said. Then he announced that he's looking for a new girl group and starting a new show. Meanwhile, he is releasing the DK girls to pursue solo deals -- though Dawn's solo work will still be with Diddy on Bad Boy.

D. Woods also announced that she's working on music, and Shannon said she might go country next. And Aubrey said she is heading back to the stage -- and getting her own reality show.