Amy Adams: Hot or Not?

And now, a fun and decidedly underrated fact: Amy Adams has been nominated for four Oscars, and she's still only 38 years old. Maybe the most respected and sought-after actress of her generation, Adams routinely shows up in movies beloved by critics and audiences alike with significant and scene-stealing roles. She displays exceptional versatility, and her talent demands that she not be pigeon-holed into any specific acting stereotype, despite her real-life charming and easygoing public persona.

Now, as her latest film "Man of Steel" hits theaters, we here at NextMovie wanted to ask ourselves an important question of Adams, one that has yet to be publicly addressed in a satisfactory manner: Is Amy Adams hot, or not?

I've split myself into two equally terrifying and thankfully fictional personalities, a la Charlie Kaufman in "Adaptation," to debate each other and ultimately make the final, irreversible decision on this matter (a decision that means nothing to anyone, including both me's).

Reasons Why She's Hot

Put simply, Amy Adams is stunning. There are no real weaknesses to her appearance, aesthetically. She is technically flawless, beginning with her staggeringly pretty red hair and continuing on to her girl-next-doorish approachable personality.

We brought up her versatility as an actress in an earlier paragraph, Other Nick; I'd like to discuss her versatility as a hot chick, if I may, and I think I may, since we're in the middle of an article whose sole purpose is to discuss the hotness level of Amy Adams. Her versatility as an actress actually goes hand-in-hand with her versatility as a hot chick. I'll explain.

In dominating roles like Charlene in "The Fighter" or Mary in "The Muppets," she makes you creepily lust after ladies that otherwise might not be up your alley, so to speak, or that you're not necessarily looking at normally in that way. Ever scoped out Lowell for hot chicks? (Or dudes, for that matter? No offense, Michael Chiklis, and the rest of the fine, er, good people of Lowell.) That's like looking for "Fifty Shades of Grey" fans in North Korea. We're not exactly talking about the Sunset Strip. You saw the women who played Mark Wahlberg's sisters in that movie — they were actually from that area. Adams trashed herself up, gave herself a disgusting accent, delivered a typically knockout performance and made you say some form of "Damn, Amy Adams" at least five-plus times. That speaks to her acting, but that also (obviously) speaks to her beauty.

It was the same thing in "The Muppets." You almost felt like a perv (almost) when you said "Hey, by the way, Amy Adams is super hot" while watching that movie. Few actresses can pull off that juxtaposition so smoothly like she can.

Finally, she is quite obviously an actress that would blow you away with her looks in person. If one of your buddies had a story about being at a bar in Los Angeles and Amy Adams walking in and instantly lighting up the entire room, how surprised would you be? Don't answer that obviously-rhetorical-anyway question, Other Nick, because I'll answer it for you: You wouldn't be surprised at all. You would say something like, "Yeah, that makes sense," and move on to other things in the conversation because you were jealous.

And if she asked you to stop farting on her tits, you would stop. You would. (5:48 of this clip.)

Keep doing what you do, Amy. And don't listen to/read the following rebuttal.

Rebuttal: Why She's Not Hot

Is she "stunning" though, really? Salma Hayek is "stunning." Jessica Alba is "stunning." Amy Adams is very pretty, but "stunning" seems hyperbolic. She's someone I'd bring home to my mother and feel proud about, but I'm not looking at Amy Adams across the club and saying, "Whoa, who is that?" Yes, "the club," because this me attends clubs and scopes chicks there.

I guess it's just the use of the word "hot," here. You would feel weird telling Amy Adams that she was hot, and she would feel weird receiving the title. I mean, she'd probably be flattered, but you don't say Amy Adams is "hot" because she so rarely projects herself (rightfully) as someone who should be considered "hot," because it almost undermines everything else she represents. You don't say "The Smoking Hot, Oscar-Nominated Amy Adams," you say "The Beautiful, Oscar-Nominated Amy Adams." That's not to say Hayek and Alba are talentless, but it's not like anybody watched "Into the Blue" for the compelling character development. (They watched it for Scott Caan's hilarious witticisms, obviously.)

So perhaps it's unfair to compare her to the rest of Hollywood re: hotness, but she's an actress, and it's unfair on the other side to compare her to accountants I know. Sure, she's hot for Lowell, but I'm not about to say that she blows my socks off in that department. And, yeah, maybe she hasn't had to that way. If she had no acting talent, maybe she's naked in her third movie and I'm obsessed with her because this version of you is a creeper, First Nick. But her career arch has dictated that my lust for her remains relatively composed.

Yes, she's just too good an actress for me to say "Duuudde how hot is Amy Adams?!" and really mean it. Call me a silly person.


She is obviously incredibly hot. Second Nick is a silly person. Here, Second Nick: You want super hot, terrible-acting Amy Adams? Fine.

There. I'm glad we did this.