Tyler, The Creator And Earl Sweatshirt Performed ‘Orange Juice’ Just Like Old Times

Still as hype as ever

The state of Odd Future has sadly been in limbo for a while now, but there appears to be no bad blood between Tyler, the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt.

The two reunited over the weekend during Tyler’s set at One Love Music Festival in Calgary, for a rare performance of “Orange Juice.” The Gucci Mane–sampling track originally appeared on Odd Future’s 2010 Radical mixtape, and marks the only track they ever recorded under the “EarlWolf” moniker. Six years after its release, Tyler and Earl didn’t skip a beat, giving the crowd a contagiously hyped-up performance, as captured by their Odd Future buddy Jasper Dolphin.

Despite being so close for so many years, it’s rare to see Tyler and Earl together nowadays, especially after rumors of Odd Future’s demise last year. A series of cryptic tweets from Tyler last May made it sound like the collective was ending, but he later clarified that he was just reminiscing and feeling nostalgic. Earl, however, responded to the speculation by saying Tyler had been “solidifying the obvious.”

No matter what the future holds for Odd Future, it’s encouraging to see two of the group’s biggest names coming together and performing like the old days. Hopefully there’ll be more on the way.