50 Cent And The Game Call A Truce

Rappers hold joint press conference, announce charity donations.

NEW YORK -- Apparently the Game and 50 Cent have put aside their issues. The two publicly buried the hatchet on Wednesday at a joint press conference in Harlem.

Although the Game and 50 barely made eye contact or spoke to each other, they did shake hands and pose for photographers, and 50 even put his arm around Game. The rappers also donated a combined $253,500 to the Boys Choir of Harlem.

50 was the first to address the Schomburg Center crowd, which included the Reverend Run and Russell Simmons. "In the shadow of the untimely death of Biggie -- today marks the anniversary of his death -- we're here today to show people we can rise above even the most difficult circumstances and together we can put negativity behind us," he said as Game stood off to the side behind him with virtually no expression on his face.

When Game took the podium, he apologized to the fans, the radio stations and their label on behalf of himself and 50 for their beef consuming the headlines. "I'm almost ashamed to have participated in the things that went on the past couple of weeks," he said. "I'm here, I'm apologetic.

"On behalf of myself and 50, we're making a statement that is a lot louder than just two voices," he added. "We're showing that you can control your destiny -- not only your destiny, your future. ... Not only am I gonna control mine, I'm gonna control mine in a productive and positive way."

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Photos from the press conference

Game said that when he heard 50 was donating money to the choir, he wanted to be down, adding that 50 will be also giving money to one of the charities he is involved in.

Boys Choir of Harlem founder Dr. Walter Turnbull was on hand to accept two checks for his organization -- one from 50 for $150,000 dollars, and one from Game for $103,500.

The choir was started in 1968 and has become world renowned, appearing last year on Kanye West's hit "Jesus Walks." The organization also has a school, the Choir Academy of Harlem, and has fallen on hard times of late and is in need of funds. Turnbull said 50 and Game are among the first to step to the plate with aid.

Game and 50 have also pledged unspecified dollars to the Compton Unified School District's music program and have other plans in the works to help the community.

"I'm launching a new foundation, the G-Unity Foundation Inc., to help people overcome obstacles and make a change for the better in their lives ... to help them overcome their situations," 50 Cent said Wednesday morning in a statement released prior to the press conference. "I realized that if I'm going to be effective at that, I have to overcome some of my own. Game and I need to set an example in the community."

"I see this as a real opportunity to show the power of our community," Game said in his own statement. "50 and I are proving that real situations and real problems can be solved with real talk. This can also be seen as a big step for my organization, Black Wall Street, in terms of making a difference. Maybe we can help save some lives ... the way rap music saved mine."

After the rappers' statements Wednesday, spectators were informed that neither Game nor 50 would be answering questions. So as you can imagine, there are still plenty of uncertainties surrounding the breakup and make-up. How long have the two actually been feuding, when did they decide to end their beef, and is Game back in the G-Unit? None of those topics was addressed.

The well-publicized split between Game and 50 occurred February 28 when 50 appeared on New York radio twice in one day denouncing the Compton, California, native, calling him treacherous and jealous. 50's tirade ended when he was abruptly escorted from Hot 97 in the midst of his interview with Funkmaster Flex. Game and his crew had come to Hot 97 while 50 was on the air but were denied entrance to the building. A 24-year-old man, also from Compton, was shot when Game's crew got into a confrontation with another faction outside the building (see "50 Drops Game From G-Unit; Shots Fired At Radio Station"[/article]).

In the wake of the shooting, 50 appeared on television twice and downplayed the incident (see [article id="1497750"]"50 Cent Makes First Public Comments Since Shooting Incident"[/article]).

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This story was originally published on 03.09.05 at 11:10 a.m. ET.

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