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Tony Yayo Explains 50 Cent Onstage 'Attack' In Brazil

G-Unit member says incident has been exaggerated -- a fan simply 'got a little carried away.'

One overzealous fan doesn't stop a show, [artist id="1689514"]Tony Yayo[/artist] says. Earlier this week, footage of [artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist] and G-Unit performing in Salvador, Brazil, hit the Internet. In the middle of "Ayo Technology," a [article id="1643500"]fan jumps onstage and tries to grab the G-Unit general[/article]. 50's security and Lloyd Banks promptly subdue the fan -- and the song never stops. On Tuesday (July 13), Yayo gave his take on the situation.

"The show got crazy, man," Yayo, who is still in Brazil with his crew, told MTV News via phone. "For security reasons, when somebody jumps onstage ... when [performers] got on chains for $20,000, $30,000, $40,000, that's a security risk right here. Nobody should be onstage except me, Banks and 50. It was just a fan -- he got a little carried away, a little happy. People make it seem like he got beat down real, real bad. He didn't get beat down bad -- he just got tackled, taken off the stage and the show [went] on."

Yayo said that whenever the Unit go to foreign territories, fandemonium ensues.

"We been getting crazy love," Tony added about the group's time in Brazil. "That's why I don't want people in Brazil to think we out here beating down our fans. When somebody is on the stage, you want to keep the show going. We never stop the show. When you onstage and you got a crowd of 10,000 Brazilian people, you don't want to stop it because a guy is jumping onstage. Just like Africa or other places you go, people get excited -- we're like UFOs to the people. They don't see rappers come to Brazil and come to these other places. Sometimes fans get a little excited -- that's what that was about. The guy wasn't beat up bad or nothing."

The incident was hardly the first time a fan has crashed a G-Unit performance. Back in 2008, a fan in Angola jumped onstage and endeavored to [article id="1586912"]make off with 50's Cent chain[/article]. Fif and company promptly jumped in the audience and recovered the merchandise. The man was later arrested after being turned in to police by his own parents.