Lady Gaga 'Doing Prep' For Tour, Next Album

'She's always doing 25,000 things in a row,' DJ White Shadow tells MTV News of Gaga's 2012 plans.

[artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] is hard at work. The Mother Monster is already coming up with ideas for 2012's Born This Way Tour and even thinking about [article id="1671501"]her next album[/article]. When MTV News caught up with pal and musical collaborator DJ White Shadow, he talked about what the Haus has in store for Gaga.

"She's doing prep for the next round of touring, and she's always doing 25,000 things in a row," he told MTV News last week when he stopped by to chat about the opening of [article id="1674852"]Gaga's pop-up holiday shop at Barneys[/article]. "But I think the main focus for her after this season is going to be prepping up for the show, touring new songs for the record."

[article id="1674731"]Gaga has hinted[/article] that she'd like to get Elton John on this next record, but, right now, anything goes. White Shadow -- who has worked with Gaga extensively on Born This Way, including on the tracks "Born This Way" and "Americano" -- is ready to drop everything to collaborate with Gaga again.

"I want to try and be as close to it as possible, that way I don't have to wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning and fly to L.A. or wherever or Japan or wherever she's starting to do stuff," he explained. "Maybe when the tour starts, she's working all the time. I send her stuff and she sends stuff. She's always working on something. It just depends. I know she likes to write when she's on the road, [so maybe she'll make a] new album during the tour."

Given the pair's track record, expect across-the-board sounds on the next project. "The kind of stuff that I send her, some of it is so crazy that I don't know what you'd call it," he said. "When I make stuff ... I know what's for her and what's not for her. Some of it's structured as songs and some of it is structured as madness, and she goes through it like a gold miner."

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