'Now' Who One Direction Are In The Studio With?

How you remind me of ... wait, what?

It's no secret that One Direction love them some arena-shaking classic rock. Though they'll forever be slotted in the pop section, 1D have shown their love for everyone from the Who to the Clash, Queen, Green Day, U2, Journey and Bon Jovi over the years.

Now they're really putting their voices where their hearts are with a studio collabo that leaves us with words.

Yeah, that's Canadian rocker, Mr. Avril Lavigne and, according to former Daughtry drummer Robin Diaz, "amazing songwriter" Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, who has previously lent his magic to everyone from Santana to Daughtry, Tim McGraw and Lavigne. We're not sure what hits Louis and Liam are working on with the man who's given the world "How You Remind Me," "Someday," "Something in Your Mouth" and "Bottoms Up," but Chad isn't the first guitar god they've huddled with.

Last year they tried to make something happen with Fall Out Boy, but apparently it was way too "odd" to make it out into the world.

Guess we'll just have to be happy with that Meghan Trainor/Harry song for now.

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