Amber Rose Drops Some Feminist Truth-Bombs After Carnival

'I'm so sick of the double standards of society,' she writes on Instagram.

Amber Rose popped down to Trinidad and Tobago this week to celebrate the islands' annual Carnival. But she did more than just party while there -- she also took time out of her busy schedule to dismantle the patriarchy. #DontPanic

"I'm so sick of the double standards of society," Amber wrote in a text message to a friend, makeup artist Priscilla Ono, which she later screengrabbed and posted on Instagram Wednesday (Feb. 18). "I'm sick of men being praised for being sexual beings but us [women] being downed for it."

It looks like she might be referring to her recent exchange with Khloé Kardashian on Twitter, which stemmed from comments Amber made during a radio interview about Kylie Jenner and Tyga's rumored relationship. At one point, Khloé brought up the fact that Amber worked as a stripper when she was 15 in an apparent effort to shame her, but I guess Khloé didn't realize that the former Ford model has been totally open about her past for years -- or that channeling Outraged Townswoman #2 from The Scarlet Letter is not a good look.

Back to the text convo, Amber expanded on her feminist critique to include other ways in which sexism rears its ugly head: "Or even the fact that Benji gets criticized for being a boy in heels I'm the only one that encourages him to be him!"

She's talking about Benji Carlisle, her friend and personal assistant, who looked equally flawless in his cyan-feathered costume.

To recap: It's f--ked up that women are criticized for owning their sexuality when men generally are not, and everyone should be able to where whatever they want regardless of gender identity. "#MuvaGivesFacts," indeed. Good night.

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