These Hilarious Women Tackled The Stigma Of Getting Your Period And We Can’t Stop LOL’ing

Some things just need to be said out loud

“There will be blood.”

That’s the promise of the new First Time podcast, launching today (July 17), which tackles a messy and often taboo subject: periods.

The podcast is brought to us by comic Emma Willmann and Dear Kate, a company that makes special underwear for women on their periods. Willman was previously featured in Dear Kate’s "First Time" video on stories about first times menstruating.

“I was really drawn to the idea and the participants' enthusiasm,” Willmann told MTV News. “Dear Kate clearly wanted to keep the conversation going, so I approached them about the prospect of collaborating together.”

Willmann, who said she sometimes opens for Girlcode's Nicole Byer, and is also friends with Carly Aquilino and Matteo Lane, told MTV News that she wanted to make a podcast that was fun and fresh, and also very honest. The podcast features women delivering real talk on their experiences with their periods, and the first season includes comedians Amanda Seales, Jen Kirkman, Sara Armour, Robyn Schall and Yamaneika Saunders.

When asked what we can expect on the podcast, Willmann responded dramatically: “BLOOD. SO MUCH BLOOD.”

She continued, “But more than that...why is menstruation so taboo if the majority of females experience it? I delve into the connection between individual experiences and societal expectation. Bleeding is a big deal, and this podcast is a safe space to explore what it means. Through the lens of menstruation, the podcast gives great insight into people's personalities to get to know them. Nothing is off limits: crazy PMS stories, period sex, everything.”

While there are sure to be plenty of laughs, there’s also some deeper meaning.

“Ultimately, Dear Kate and I hope to de-stigmatize getting one's period,” Willmann said. “I want to make people feel comfortable and not isolated within their experiences. No matter how frustrating, painful, ridiculous, or amazing someone's experience is, it's always good to know that someone else bleeds too.”