Robin Williams' Never Before Seen 'Aladdin' Outtakes Will Break Your Heart

We ain't never had a friend like him.

When the iconic Disney movie "Aladdin" was first released, it was a game-changer -- and part of the reason for its success was the spontaneous and hilarious improvisational stylings of Robin Williams, who was so dynamic while riffing lines for the Genie that directors Ron Clements and John Musker tailored many of the Genie's most memorable scenes around what Williams was doing in the recording booth.

Now when the “Aladdin: Diamond Edition” blu-ray hits stores on Tuesday, October 13, it will feature never-before seen outtakes of Robin Williams doing his thing -- and even better, it's accompanied by a brand new series of images drawn by supervising animator Eric Goldberg.

Today (October 9) "Good Morning America" reunited the cast and crew to reflect on their experiences making the movie, and also released a glimpse of what we can expect from those genie outtakes. It's both breaking our hearts and bringing us joy all over again:

“We didn’t want to keep the lightning in a bottle,” Goldberg told MTV News during the D23 fan expo. “When Robin got in front of the mic for the first time, out came all of the celebrity impressions, and I knew we needed to keep them in there.”

You can watch the full segment on the "Good Morning America" website -- but be sure to bring some tissues.

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