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This Is What It's Like To Take Selfies With Kim And Kanye

Some selfie tips from the pros.

Kim Kardashian's so good at taking selfies, she made an entire book about it. Clearly, she's an expert. But how many of us have had a chance to witness this masterful skill up close?

Zeinab Najm -- who helps run TeamKanyeDaily -- had the opportunity to take a selfie with Kim at a recent super fan account runners brunch (read all about that here). And that's where Kim showed off her superior selfie skills.

"She took [the selfies] on her phone because she has this light she uses," Zeinab told us. "She was using angles and the way she had her arm open, she’s a pro. She really is. It was so cool...Her case has a light around her phone so no matter when you take it, there’s always good lighting. So, she [took] it normal at first and then she tilted it."

Kim Selfie Lessons: Always have great lighting. Use different angles.

Zeinab Najm / TeamKanyeDaily


Zeinab's still waiting on that selfie from Kim, who said she'd e-mail it to her. How cool is that? While she waits for it to come through, Najm is reliving her brunch experience by sharing a selfie she took with Kanye West (this time using her own phone).

"I took one selfie with him," she said. "I was the only one who asked him for a selfie. I’m like, ‘I need a selfie.’ ... I asked him if he was gonna smile for the picture. He was like, ‘Me not smiling is my smile.’"

Kanye Selfie Lesson: Not smiling is okay.

Zeinab Najm / TeamKanyeDaily


She looks at the selfie now and sees a grin, maybe, if she squints. "He kind of smiled, if you look at it," she explained. "I don’t know. It’s not a real smile, but it was so crazy."

What was so crazy about it, you see, is that this selfie with Kanye meant way more than just a photo for her. She spends a full work day every day dedicated to Kanye West and she does it for free, helping to update the TeamKanyeDaily site along with Marcello Carbone, Noah Williams, Maik Leenards and Josh Chowa. It's a fun task, but a taxing one. And this selfie made it all worth it.

"I always post pictures of fans who get to meet him or get their selfie with him," she said. "It was finally my turn, so it was awesome."

Zeinab Selfie Lesson: Take selfies with your heroes.

Now go forth and take selfies with these lessons in mind and all will be well.

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