Celebs Rapping: Our Faves Drop Some Dope Rhymes

Last week, the world was treated to the amazingly entertaining spectacle of "The Dark Knight Rises" star Tom Hardy performing an impromptu version of KRS One's classic track "Hip Hop vs. Rap." And lo, it was awesome.

But while Hardy does get some bonus points for having a baby strapped to his chest, he's hardly the first celebrity to flex his flow for an internet audience. So with that in mind, here's a roundup of some of the hottest (and not so hottest) raps performed by your favorite movie stars.

Because after all, considering how many rappers have gone on to successful film careers, isn't it time for a little reciprocity?

Anne Hathaway

What better place to start our list than with Hardy's own "Dark Knight Rises" co-star? Seriously,can't you just imagine Bane and Catwoman in between takes, comparing freestyle tips and sharing hot beats while a frustrated Batman looks on in envy? Of course, Hathaway is no stranger to music, having belted out showtunes on the Oscars more than a couple of times, but she really outdid herself during an appearance on "Conan," where she dropped this fresh rhyme, "in the style of Lil' Wayne." Hit it:

Natalie Portman

We're guessing Portman watched the above clip and said to her posse, "Yeah, nice try, poseur." That's because Portman has been the reigning queen of unexpected ingenue rap ever since her instant classic "Saturday Night Live" clip blew up the internet back in 2008. Because this just never, ever gets old, take another look:

Rachel Bilson

Compared to Oscar nominee Hathaway and Oscar winner Portman, the "Jumper" star is maybe just a little bit of a lightweight. But when it comes to blowing up a hot mic, Bilson proved she can battle with the best of them thanks to her viral smash "Call Me Doctor" from FunnyOrDie. Warning: Bilson is from the street, so this has some very NSFW explicit lyrics:

Michelle Trachtenberg

Here's something you probably didn't know about the "Gossip Girl" and "Take Me Home Tonight" star: The Girl has some serious chops on the mic. Want proof? Look no further than this clip of her rockin' Nicki Minaj's "Shakin' It For Daddy." Plus, James Van Der Beek makes a cameo appearance. What's not to love?

Josh Hutcherson

Now, we don't want you to get the idea that it's only hot young actresses that get into rapping. No, hot young actors also have been known to drop some dope rhymes from time to time as well. Case in point: "The Hunger Games" star Hutcherson, who was caught rapping along to the Big B track "White Boys, Make Some Noise" way back when he was filming the 2006 comedy "RV." He probably figured this would never see the light of day, but luckily for us, he was very, very wrong. Bonus points for pumping iron the whole time:

Shia LaBeouf

Hutcherson isn't the only star to have his younger transgressions posted online for the world to enjoy. LaBeouf knows exactly what that's like thanks to this clip from a 2003 episode of "The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn." Of course, LaBeouf didn't have to jump up and do a breakdancing routine at the 4:07 mark and then follow it up with a freestyle rap at the 5:01 mark. But he did and just look at his life now. Sad:

Vin Diesel

Speaking of breakdancing, look! It's Vin Diesel. Way back in the day, before Vin Diesel became Vin Diesel, he was a breakdancing and street rapping phenom who went by the somewhat less ballsy, but still totally fine, name of Mark Sinclair Vincent. Discovered by a record producer, young Mr. Vincent ended up making a demo tape, which you can listen to at Soundcloud. But since every rap needs a cool video to go with it, we suggest you also watch this vintage '80s clip of Vin instructing America's youth in how to start their own electric boogaloo:

Joaquin Phoenix

Most of these performances are, to some degree or another, done tongue in cheek. But no celebrity had a bigger tongue than Phoenix, who spent almost two whole years crafting the greatest meta-joke the industry has ever seen for his mockumentary "I'm Still Here," which revolved around his apparently insane decision to leave acting and become a full-time pro rapper. Here's a look at Phoenix wowing a crowd with both his flow and his beard-tastic antics:

Tom Felton

Frankly, it seems like cheating to include "Harry Potter" star Tom Felon on this list, because he's an honest-to-goodness aspiring musician. Still, he and his group the Feltbeats (really, shouldn't they have called themselves the Feltones?) are best known for acoustic guitar noodling, so the fact that he busts out into a rap in the middle of the track "If That's Alright With You" comes as a bit of s surprise. Felton has since told the media that he's planning to become a hardcore rapper, but we have a feeling there's more than a little Joaquin in that statement. Take a listen and see if you think Draco has what it takes to go toe to toe with Jay-Z and Kanye:

Tom Hardy

Just in case you missed your favorite "TDKR" villain in a most-endearing moment, here ya go: