Drake's Dad Is A Real Ladies Man: Here Are 32 Pics That Prove It

Drizzy's dad does Instagram right!

Drake has a way with women, and though the OVO Sound champion screams "that's all me," we have to give some credit to his old man. If you're a Drizzy fan then you know all about his dad Dennis Graham, the former Memphis musician, who at times just couldn't get it right.

Well, these days Drake's pops looks to be on the right track. Since he joined Instagram last year, TheRealDennisG has used his account to celebrate his son's success and to celebrate all of the beautiful women that he meets on the road-- some of which appear to be half his age, but we aren't judging.

Basically, what we're trying to say is that Mr. Graham's Instagram account is one of the best around. Even Drizzy had to give it up this morning after he regrammed a picture of his dad hugging up and coming female rapper ZeMonroe. "Haaaaa. Ok this is it. I'm done. I have no caption. My dad is just wavy," Drake wrote.

Don't believe us? Just check it out for your self.

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