Norman Reedus And Andrew Lincoln Grabbed Each Other's Butts For A Photo Shoot

Meanwhile, Carol has no time for any of this.

Rick and Daryl may consider themselves brothers on "The Walking Dead," but we've still never seen them reach the level of supreme physical affection for each other that Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus display offscreen. Which is a shame, but lucky for us, Entertainment Weekly is around to capture the actors' most affectionate moments, to make up for the lack of Rick-Daryl bro-love on the show:

Dan Winters for EW


Ain't that cute? For a butt bit of background, an EW picture editor Michele Romero says that Reedus and Lincoln were having a "giggle fest" during this photo shoot, as Reedus was trying to hold Lincoln's hand behind Melissa McBride's back. The photographer decided to capture the moment from the backside, which led to both men taking things a step further with the bit of NC-17 action you see above.

"Everyone needs a cheeky Norman Reedus," Romero added.

"Agreed," the world replied.

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