'I'm Here For You': 'The Hills'' Justin Bobby Has Forged A Friendship With Kaitlynn

He even opened up to her about what he wants in the future (kids included)

Justin Bobby is a big proponent of truth and time tells all, but he has refrained from sharing his personal truth (aka his past and future dreams) with his Hills cohorts. Now, during tonight's New Beginnings episode, the "motherf*cking Pisces" found an ally in Kaitlynn -- and Justin opened up to her about his desire to be a family man.

The bond between the two began on a group trip to San Diego -- Brody brought a friend named Amber, but he did not tell his ex-wife prior to the getaway. Justin pulled Kaitlynn aside during dinner to make sure she was feeling okay with the circumstances.

"I wasn't really expecting this to be a couple's trip," she confided. "I don't know what their deal is, but I feel like he can't just be by himself for a couple of days and not have somebody with him. I don't know what's going on with their relationship."


"Either way, I'm here for you," Justin sweetly told Kaitlynn.

The next day, Brody admitted that he should have given Kaitlynn "a heads up" about Amber joining the weekend. But shifting back to Justin Bobby and Kaitlynn: The pair broke off from the rest of the gang to look at some ponies, prompting Justin to tell her about his first experience riding a horse as a kid (of course, the mammal went a bit wild and its hooves were sparking because they were on an asphalt street).

"I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like nobody really knows these stories about your life," Kaitlynn said.

"It takes time -- I do that in relationships," Justin explained. "It will take me a long time for the commitment to really start."

Kaitlynn admitted she was surprised that he "absolutely" wanted to have kids (the two had a candid chat about this very topic on a bus ride in a flashback scene) and his desire for a "traditional" relationship.

"Am I misunderstood? All the time," Justin stated in a confessional. "A lot of that reason could be maybe the perception or the vibe I give off. I don't spill all my sh*t to everybody. I'm not like, 'Here I am.' But I feel so comfortable with Kaitlynn."


And the feeling was mutual.

"I met Justin through Brody several years ago, I've always found him kind of intriguing and mysterious," Kaitlynn confessed privately. "I never had a chance to really get to know him well. Now that circumstances have changed, it's nice getting to know the guy kind of behind that veil. I really like everything I'm getting to know."

Justin feels "lust" for a family -- what will his journey look like as he tries to reach this goal? And how will his friend Kaitlynn support him on this path? Be sure to keep watching the duo -- and their pals -- every Wednesday on The Hills: New Beginnings at 9/8c.

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