Jennifer Lawrence Honored Bestie Elizabeth Banks With An Adorable Speech

Can J-Law just present 'all' the awards from now on?

If you're ever receiving an award, Jennifer Lawrence is the friend you want onstage beforehand to introduce you. The "Hunger Games" star was at Elle's Women in Hollywood party Tuesday, where she paid homage to friend and colleague Elizabeth Banks with a cheeky, hilarious speech.

As reported by E! Online, Lawrence gave Banks a warm welcome to the stage with a supremely witty intro.

"I have had the pleasure of working with this gifted actress for the past few years on the unfortunate box office flop, The Hunger Games," she joked. "I constantly marvel at the versatility of Elizabeth. She's a chameleon escaping into every role she plays. Whatever the movie, her performances are always honest and heartfelt. As audience members, we know the women she plays are very real and that's why directors want to constantly work with her."

For her part, Banks didn't change the tone of the ceremony when she took the stage to accept her honors. Before paying lip service to the problems of being a woman in Hollywood, she made it clear that she was speaking completely off the cuff.

"I didn't write a speech, there's nothing in this teleprompter, my publicist is s--ting her pants," she said. "Here we go, bitches!"