Quentin Tarantino's Ideas For 'Kill Bill 3' Are 'Awesome,' Says Uma Thurman

In 2005, Quentin Tarantino told MTV News that we'd have to wait a full decade until he revisited "Kill Bill" territory and brought Uma Thurman's Bride back for a third film in the series. "Uma's got to get 10 years older, the little girl has to grow up and everything," he explained.

And whaddya know, before this decade has closed out, the director has started to hint that we might actually see another "Bill" within that time frame. "The Bride will fight again!" he told an Italian TV station.

We just spoke with Thurman, who is in town promoting her upcoming comedy, "Motherhood," and we asked the actress if she'd spoken with Tarantino about the new movie.

"We did chat, we did chat," she told us. "He has not yet finished the script. I don't even really know if he's really started it, although I got a taste of some of his ideas and they are really good."

That statement's certainly a head-scratcher. Did she mean to say QT told her he's started writing, but she kinda doesn't believe him? That he's been brainstorming ideas but that by "not yet finished" she meant "hasn't even started"? We'll have to wait for confirmation on that one, because Thurman maintained tight-lip status about any more "Bill" details.

"I can't tell you!" she cried. "I'm sorry!"

Since Thurman and Tarantino essentially created the character of the Bride together, Uma would presumably have a say in which direction their fictional creation heads. When the last film ended, she and her daughter were reunited and headed off for happy-ever-after land. But you just knew that was only going to last for so long. In her chat with Tarantino, did she contribute any of her own ideas?

"He has started to share with me what he was thinking, and it's awesome," was all she'd say, understandably.

So whatever shape the script is in (or if it actually exists yet) and whenever production might one day ramp up, one thing we do know is that Uma is down for "Kill Bill 3."

"Yeah, I think it'd be fun!" she said.

What are your wishes, hopes and dreams for the next "Kill Bill"?

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