Jeezy Gives Some Words Of Wisdom In 'Holy Ghost' Video: Watch

The rapper drops a new video from his 'Seen It All' album.

As an expert in Thug Motivation, Jeezy surely has plenty words of advice for anyone trying to come up in whatever endeavor they may be focused on. And in his new video for "Holy Ghost," the Atlanta rapper drops some wisdom on an up and comer.

"You remember what I told you? What'd I tell you?" Jeezy asks the young whippersnapper at the beginning of the Seen It All video, which dropped on Monday (September 15).

"Stay true and keep my eyes open at all times," he responds to the rapper, who's sitting, of course, in the back of a Rolls-Royce.

"All times, man. Don't forget that, alright?"

"When I grow up, I'mma be just like you."

"You gonna be better than me, man," Jeezy says. "But you gotta stay focused out here."

Only time will tell if the kid becomes better than the Def Jam rapper, but if he becomes just like him, then that means he'll be rolling around in he back seat of an expensive car, like Jizzle does here.

It seems like this will be the next single from the album; in addition to the new visuals, earlier this month, Kendrick Lamar remixed the track.