'Free Agents' No Longer! Get The Inside Story On Nanhutta's Blossoming Romance

The lovebirds relived their rough road on tonight's 'Challenge' reunion -- and made an exciting announcement!

"Free Agents" host TJ Lavin said racing to the top of Volcano Villarrica would be the hardest thing the game's competitors would ever have to do, but evidently, he's never tried to strike up a romance in the "Challenge" house.

This season, after a drunken, jokey proposal, Nany and Cohutta realized they had genuine feelings for each other. The epiphany scared the sh** out of Nany, and to cope (and possibly to sabotage her shot at something real), she decided to sleep with Johnny Reilly. But Southern charmer Cohutta wouldn't be deterred and continued to work his way into Nany's heart until the day he was eliminated.

On tonight's "Free Agents" reunion special, after Nany laid into Johnny Bananas for trying to mess things up between her and Cohutta by airing her dirty laundry (literally -- he found Johnny Reilly's underwear on the couch), something special happened. Cohutta let go of his own misgivings about a serious relationship and made it official with the woman he said smells like "wild honeysuckle blossom." It was nothing short of magic.

"I've never felt more appreciated," Cohutta told host Jonny Moseley, before turning to face Nany. "So, will you go to the prom with me?"

Nany accepted. But could this thing really work?

Well, considering what Cohutta recently shared with MTV News, we have no doubts. The competitor says in the interview clip below that he couldn't hold Nany accountable for her partying in the house ("Nany drinks beer like Dan Conner," he jokes). And, he adds, as soon as the "Challenge" came to an end and he and Nany found their footing in real life, he was impressed by the responsibility she took for her actions.

"She probably told me things that she didn't have to while risking me never speaking to her again, which showed an amount of selflessness that's kind of admirable," Cohutta shares.

So what's the couple's secret?

"We have nothing in common, we have very little to talk about, but we'll talk for hours," he concludes. "We seem to get along real well."

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