Katy Perry Dishes On Whipped-Cream Bra In 'California Gurls' Video

'It was really intense with all that whipped cream coming from my back through my assets,' she tells MTV News.

Katy Perry dons a very unique piece of clothing for her [article id="1641591"]"California Gurls" video[/article], which made its sugary-sweet debut on Tuesday. In addition to her bedazzled Daisy Dukes and cupcake bra, there's one particular accessory that will leave fans talking.

In the latter part of the video, in order to defeat Snoop Dogg's evil Sugar Daddy and his army of Gummi Bears, Perry turns to her whipped-cream-dispensing bra.

"These whipped-cream [boobs] were in the music video because that was my only ammo," she told MTV News. "I had to slay those Gummi Bears that were very evil. I had to show them who was boss in Candyfornia: the Gurls. The California Gurls, of course."

As cool as the costume may look now that the video is all done and ready for fans' viewing pleasure, it wasn't all that pleasant to wear during the shoot.

"It was really intense with all that whipped cream coming from my back through my assets," she said.

On top of those chest-mounted frosting cannons, fans will also notice Katy's cupcake bra, which was also a bit of a hassle on set. "I will tell you that those cupcake-bra boobies, they were a little bit heavy and they were interesting," she said. "It was really fun making these costumes. They're all one-of-a-kind, and I love the Bettie Page moment in the red and the whipped-cream cans."

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