When Fall Out Boy Met President Barack Obama ...

Even if they don't exactly remember how the whole thing went down.

"We literally found out we were going to meet him, like, a couple [of minutes beforehand]," FOB frontman Patrick Stump laughed. "A lady walks into the room and was like, 'We're leaving right now. ... You're meeting the president. It was like we had no time to prepare, no time to anything. ... You just walk up, and they were like, 'You gotta go now,' and they shove us against the wall and then in comes the president. It was amazing."

It sounds slightly terrifying, but the guys in FOB said it was probably the highlight of their career. After all, it's not every day you get to shake hands with the most powerful man in the world, who turns out to be a pretty nice guy.

See FOB recall their experience of meeting President Barack Obama after the jump!


"It was fantastic," guitarist Joe Trohman said. "He came out on my right-hand side. All of a sudden, he's there in my face and said, 'Oh, what's your name?' and I almost just went, 'Uh, Obama?' I freaked out and didn't know what to say. But he was so nice and cool. Just the fact that he and Michelle came up and were like, 'What's your name? It's really nice to meet you.' It was so cool."

So what exactly did the guys in FOB say to the commander in chief during their brief meeting? Did they perhaps try to sneak in some quick lobbying? Or maybe slip him a copy of Folie à Deux? Turns out, they just kept it simple.

"I just made sure to call him 'president' a lot. I'm sure he wants to hear that more now," Trohman laughed.

"Yeah, he's got to get used to hearing it," Stump added.

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