Taylor Swift Shines During 'Today' Show Set

Swift plays her hits 'Mine' and 'Love Story' on Tuesday morning.

NEW YORK -- On Monday night, Taylor Swift treated fans to an intimate performance at her [article id="1650806"]Speak Now release party[/article], and the party continued on Tuesday morning (October 26), when more fans gathered at Rockefeller Plaza for a less intimate but equally enthusiastic "Today" show concert.

Donning a sparkly dress (it matched her acoustic guitar) and knee-high boots, Swift performed three songs: new tracks "Speak Now" and "Mine," as well as an old favorite, "Love Story."

Speaking to "Today" host Ann Curry about the album, which dropped Monday, Swift said she couldn't believe all of the praise critics have been giving Speak Now. (Ironically, Swift takes a jab at her [article id="1650286"]critics on a track from the album titled "Mean."[/article])

"Oh, my gosh!" she proclaimed about the positive reviews. "It's unbelievable when you put two years of your life into something, having it be received like that is incredible. I'm so happy because this album means a lot to me."

As for the album, which many are speculating addresses Swift's romantic relationships of the last two years, from [article id="1650681"]John Mayer to Taylor Lautner[/article], the singer wants everyone to know she plans to keep her fans guessing. "One of my goals has been to stay the same person, [a] songwriter," she explained. "I'm always gonna write about my life."

During Monday's album-release live stream, Swift answered fans' questions and revealed she was most proud of this particular disc because she wrote it entirely on her own.

"I ended up writing this song -- actually every song -- alone, and that happened by circumstance. ... I've never written an entire album on my own before, so songwriting is my favorite thing. It's all what makes life make more sense to me."

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