'Teen Mom OG' Boyfriend: Amber Just Unveiled Her Brand-New Beau

Find out how Andrew reacted to being in front of the MTV cameras

Having a significant other meet those who are near and dear to you is a big step. But just try introducing said person to the world of Teen Mom OG.

During this week's installment, Amber's brand-new beau Andrew stepped in front of the cameras for the first time. But before he made his MTV debut, Amber opened up to her TMOG producer David about her connection with him.

"There's this person I've been talking to for a little bit," Leah's mother explained, while adding that they met in a "weird way" (it was while she was filming Marriage Boot Camp with ex Matt). "He's coming out for a few days, just to hang out and to get to know each other." She then added that she and Andrew needed to spend time off-camera to become better acquainted.

Said trip to Indiana clearly went well -- because Amber and Andrew later appeared together with David and co-executive producer Kiki (watch it below).

"So this is Andrew!" Amber told the crew, as the clearly smitten and grinning pair held hands.

Kiki then asked Andrew a few questions -- he's a cinematographer, from Malibu, no kids.

"Any guy I'm going to date or do anything with, I'm doing a f**king background check," Amber said adamantly. "Like I'm going to straight-up pay for it."


But Andrew didn't seem concerned -- and even admitted to missing his flight home on purpose.

"It's been nice having him here," Amber said.

What did you think of Andrew's inaugural Teen Mom OG cameo? And will his romance with Amber last? Be sure to keep watching every Monday at 9/8c.