Why Disney Channel's 'Zenon' Could Get Its Own TV Series

Zetus lapetus!

Disney Channel Original Movies were a weekend staple for tweens growing up in the late '90s and '00s. Some became so popular, they turned into entire franchises with merch and in-theater premieres. (Lookin' at you, High School Musical 3.)

But why haven't any DCOMs inspired their own spin-off TV shows yet? Gary Marsh, President and Chief Creative Officer of Disney Channels Worldwide, has the answer.

"I want to say it’s one of our great frustrations, but it’s unusual that none of them have ever turned into series," he told Entertainment Weekly. "I have no good reason why. Some things just have a life of their own and live in a certain space. The ones that had staying power, from a storytelling perspective, we created sequels and threequels."

Zenon was one such trilogy. The first movie premiered in 1999 and for the next five years, fans traveled through outer space with Zenon Kar, an adventurous teen who found time to fangirl over pop sensation Proto Zoa while simultaneously saving the galaxy.

Disney Channel


It's this extraterrestrial world that makes Zenon perfect for a TV series, Marsh said. It's "the one that’s always under discussion, and has been perennially."

What would a Zenon spin-off look like, then? Would it follow Zenon and Nebula's twentysomething adventures? Would Proto Zoa perform on other planets for a universe-wide tour? For now, there's no TV development in the works... but it can't be ruled out, according to Marsh.

"That world can go anywhere," he said. "There’s no limit."

Sounds pretty lunarious, doesn't it?