I Went To A Museum To Watch Kanye West's 'All Day/I Feel Like That' Video

It's an intense clip that displays Yeezy's strength and vulnerability.

Kanye West premiered his “All Day/I Feel Like That” video at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Saturday (July 25).

MTV News was at the esteemed institution for the exhibit's opening day, and it was a different type of museum experience than you might be used to.

Here’s a look at what Kanye’s latest vid looks like and what you can expect if you decide to take a trip to LACMA to view the work for yourself.

Here's What You Can Expect Upon Arrival

Andres Tardio/MTV News


LACMA is one of Los Angeles' beloved art centers. A visit there might include viewings of Chris Burden's "Metropolis II," the famed "Urban Light" installation pictured above and Robert Irwin's "Miracle Mile," among other respected pieces. Once you obtain your ticket, the clerk will direct you to the Ye exhibit.

Here's How The Video Starts

Andres Tardio / MTV News


Kanye West - dressed in all black clothing, a gold chain and grey sneakers - faces the camera. He’s in a room that’s empty except for speakers at every corner. As his first verse hits, West rapidly waves his arms in syncopation with each rhyme. It's a lot like what you'd expect from Yeezy at a concert.

Here's How The Video Intensifies

Andres Tardio


As “All Day’s" hook plays, West paces the room. Once his second verse begins, we see the energy shift yet again. He's rapping at the camera, but he also frequently moves away from it. That dance repeats. He looks away, ducks the shooter and confronts the lens throughout. He bobs and weaves. He’s relentless at first and then, he puts his hands up.

Here's How The Video Comes To An End

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Eventually, Yeezy sits down. He’s sweaty and appears exhausted. His back’s against a weathered wall and his legs are stretched out. "I feel like that all the time,” he sings. “I feel like that all the time.”

Here's How Steve McQueen Made His Mark With 'All Day'

Andres Tardio / MTV News


Famed filmmaker and artist Steve McQueen handled the vid, and for much of its duration, we see Ye performing in and out of focus at a frenetic pace. The Academy Award-winning McQueen shoots West from up close and afar at different points, showing us various sides of the rap star.

Here's A Look At What The Piece Could Mean

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The exhibit's description explains part of the clip's intent.

"As in a meeting between the bull and the matador, it remains unclear who chases whom within the arena," the sign reads. Is the camera the bull to Yeezy's matador? What does the camera symbolize other than the spotlight? These questions could be pondered as you witness the 9-minute video (which was shot in one take) play on.

And as the description says, you also get a feeling for Yeezy's range here. That's because you get a chance to view Yeezy as both the brave, confrontational and confident MC in front of the lens and the vulnerable person nearly drained of all energy in the end.

Here's What The Exhibit Experience Is Like

The room - much like the one Kanye is in for the video - is empty except for speakers at each corner. One important difference exists. There's a thin screen at the center. You can stand on either side of the projection and view the video for 9 minutes. Once the clip is over, you don't have to leave, though. "All Day/I Feel Like That" replays and you can enjoy it again and again and again.

The Kanye/McQueen exhibit is set to play at LACMA through July 28. So, if you're in the area, better hurry and see it now.