'This Is All Bullsh*t!': 'Catfish' Just Staged Its Very First Sting Operation

The target? A less-than-honest girl named Taylor

Nev thought that everyone was "full of sh*t" during tonight's brand-new Catfish episode, and our trusted sleuth was correct about the hopeful Taylor as well as her catfishes "friends" Hailey, Austin and Jade.

"It'll be Catfish's first full-on sting operation, and then at the end they'll fall on their own swords, and it will be obvious that this whole thing was just some dumb set-up," Nev stated before Taylor was exposed as the ultimate Catfish con (coming close to Hundra).

Nev and his co-host Tallulah Willis knew on day one that something with Taylor was "unsettling": Her love interest Christian (who claimed to go to high school with Taylor) was no longer on Facebook (where she said they "met") because he was supposedly hacked; he had no other social media accounts. The photos of Christian were a male model (simple Google Image search). Oh, and his "old" phone number matched Taylor's friend Jerrika (Taylor's pal was referenced in the intro email, and Taylor even disclosed she was living in Atlanta).

"This is almost too obvious," Nev stated. "She has one friend in Atlanta named Jerrika, and the phone number for Christian comes back registered to a girl named Erica. I mean, come on."

Come on, indeed. But Taylor was still playing games, claiming that it was Christian's old number.


"You knew that there was some weird connection with her and this story, which is why you acting surprised is weird to me," Nev said.

And it was about to get a whole lot weirder. Taylor tried to play off the number situation (it didn't work), and then Nev got a text from a random number that said he was "getting played." He eventually learned the message was sent by a girl named Jade who lived in Atlanta, and she revealed that Christian was a guy named Austin and said that everyone needed to travel to Atlanta. Even more players in this grand plot!


Before the "sting operation," Nev and Tallulah mused that they each needed an eyeroll camera (even referencing Jim from The Office) for the upcoming encounter. And when everyone -- Taylor, Austin, Jade and latecomer Hailey -- convened, no one was ready to reveal it was all an act. That is, until Nev laid down the law.

"Let's just be honest. Can someone just be f*cking honest?" he asked. "This is stupid. I just want someone to tell the f*cking truth. This is all bullsh*t!"

Enter a producer named Olga: Jerrika didn't want to appear on the show and help Taylor with her "plan."

"Maybe Jerrika got cold feet, and then these guys got pulled in," Olga concluded.

Finally (FINALLY), Taylor told all -- in the middle of the most awkward Catfish sit-down ever.


"Jerrika decided to make it up and I wrote it," Taylor admitted. "And then Jerrika said she didn't want to look stupid. So I was like, 'Let me see if someone from Atlanta can do it.' so I wrote her [Hailey]."

And Nev was rightly pissed.

"You look so gross right now," he spat. "I don't think Jerrika is involved, I'm sorry. I just think ... you went through with this and you so casually are just saying, like, 'Okay, yeah, that's it' and haven't seemed to once express any sense of remorse. [You're saying], 'Life is going to be perfect for me anyway, so oops, sorry!' That's how I feel about you."

With that, Nev said he was finished and declared the story was "over." He said he felt bad that Hailey, Austin and Jade got "roped into this."

"Good luck -- sorry we have to ruin your big TV debut, and please don't ever waste my time again," he directed at Taylor.

Taylor set out to find Nev and Tallulah after the duo exited -- and finally said it was a "stupid idea."

"I'm sorry it ended that way," she added. "I'm not a stuck-up and rude person -- that's not who I am."

Nev was grateful she "came clean" but gave her a quick "see ya." In the end, though, Nev and Talullah were able to get to the bottom of Taylor's tale. What did you think of the installment -- and the series' first sting operation? Open up in the comments, and keep watching Catfish every Wednesday at 8/7c!

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