This Is The Best Naked James Franco Portrait Yet

Behold, a masterpiece!

By Kat Rosenfield

Seth Rogen is a man who wears many Hollywood hats: actor, writer, producer, director, and proud member of the Humor Elite. But his most important job might just be that of artistic model and muse for James Franco, who recently took a break from his naked selfie-taking schedule to paint a portrait of his friend.

Titled "Seth at Rest," the painting depicts Rogen sprawled peacefully across the canvas, asleep, and — of course — fully nude. Why? Seth doesn't know! Not least because he doesn't want to, as he explained to Jimmy Fallon during his appearance on the Tonight Show.

"I saw [James] the other day, and I didn't ask him, because honestly I was afraid of what the answer might be," the actor said, adding that despite the awkward questions it raised, the painting was still "complimentary, penis-wise."

But since the only good answer to a naked portrait is another naked portrait, Fallon offered Rogen the chance to respond in kind, giving him a sketchbook, a pencil, and his remaining time on camera to create his own masterpiece.

The results were… well, anatomical, for sure! But we don't see a foray into the art world in Seth's future; meanwhile, a panel of art critics reached for comment would only say, "Ew!"