Seann William Scott Says The New 'American Pie' Movie 'Could Be Awesome'

Seven years have passed since "American Wedding," the last big screen installment in the series, so how likely is it that Jason Biggs, Chris Klein and the others will return for a fourth outing? Honestly, who really cares — as long as Seann William Scott is back as Steve Stifler, the masses will be pleased.

Over the weekend, MTV's Josh Horowitz attended the "Cop Out" press junket and spoke with Scott about his possible involvement in a fourth "American Pie." Not only did the actor confess his interest in the project, he revealed that he's already spoken with people who matter about the film.

"I've been involved with... talking about it," he said. "There was an idea that could be great. It could be really great. If it was done for the right reasons, it could be awesome."

According to Scott, the upcoming "Pie" sequel would focus on the original characters nearly ten years after their last on screen reunion.

"Now, at 30 years old, finding these characters and seeing where they are in their lives — it's a really important time," Scott said of the premise. While the years have likely changed most of the film's cast, Scott suggested that the uninhibited Stifler probably hasn't "grown up at all."

"I think Stifler's as wild and crazy as ever," he said.

Even though he's optimistic about the new film's chances, Scott admitted some reluctance about rejoining the "American Pie" franchise.

"I did three of them," he said. "I had so much fun and loved the character, [but] I don't want to be known as that character forever. Now I'm realizing that I probably will be known as that character forever!"

Do you think another "American Pie" with Scott and the other original cast members is a good idea? Sound off in the comments section or on Twitter!

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