Hailee Steinfeld Says 'Pitch Perfect 2' Has 'Like 52 Songs In Two Minutes'

... Just don't ask the "Ten Thousand Saints" star to remember them all.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

"Pitch Perfect" fans are a loyal, enthusiastic bunch, and there's no doubt in anybody's mind that these fans are clamoring for information regarding the song selection for the upcoming sequel. However, don't look to new Barden Bella Hailee Steinfeld for information on these songs, because the actress -- who met up with MTV News while she was promoting "Ten Thousand Saints" at the Sundance Film Festival -- swears she can't remember a thing.

"It hasn't even been a year since we made the film, and I've pretty much forgotten everything we did," Steinfeld admitted.

Say what?!

"Somebody asked me the other day, and I was thinking about it... they're all mash-ups, so there's like 52 songs in two minutes, so there's a lot going on," Steinfeld continued. "I'm really excited to see it, and for everyone to see it, and to be able to talk about it."

One thing Steinfeld could talk about, however, was her newfound love for the "Fifty Shades of Grey" soundtrack.

"Ellie Goulding's 'Love Me Like You Do' and The Weeknd's 'Earned It' is like, on repeat," she said.

We then made sure to ask Steinfeld if she thought "Fifty Shades" would be a good date movie, but the 18-year-old actress stayed mum. Her "Saints" costar Ethan Hawke, however, was more than happy to weigh in.

"I'm hoping it's your generation's '9 1/2 Weeks,'" Hawke said with a laugh. "Remember that? 'You Can Leave Your Hat On,' wasn't that the big song in that one? You don't have to see that movie. But I will say that Dakota [Johnson], the lead of ['Fifty Shades'], I did a movie with her and she really connected. She's cool."

"Ten Thousand Saints" is currently playing at the Sundance Film Festival.

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