Katy Perry Is Perfect For 'Clueless' Musical

She already has Cher's style completely on lock.

“This is everything” is a phrase that gets tossed around a lot, but I’m pretty sure it was invented just for this moment: Clueless might be coming to Broadway. The movie that keeps on giving is currently being prepped for the stage by the film’s director/the most bow-down-worthy-woman of the ’90s, Amy Heckerling. But that’s not all. Katy Perry has expressed interest in starring in this production. BRB, gotta start camping out for tickets right now.

Katy has the singing experience, the acting chops (see: her "Birthday" video), and, most important, can pull off the wardrobe. Let’s be real: Clueless’ initial appeal and staying power has a lot to do with the clothes. Without even knowing that Clueless was coming to Broadway, Katy has been auditioning for the past few years through her wardrobe.

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Katy Perry, Clueless

Back in 2010, Katy proved she could handle one of the hardest of Cher’s outfits: a little red dress. While Cher wears hers on the movie's poster and when she gets robbed outside a liquor store, Katy wore hers for an appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman. While she opted out of wearing a feather boa, she made up for the missed opportunity years later.

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One of the things about Clueless that’s easy to overlook is how impossibly well Cher wears all of the clothing—so much of it shouldn’t work, yet it does. Take, for instance, the number-one most iconic look from the movie: her plaid yellow suit. Don’t be fooled because of how cute it looks on Cher—it’s a dangerous outfit to pull off IRL. Don't fret: Katy has shown she’s up for the challenge multiple times.

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Katy Perry

She not only tried out one plaid schoolgirl look, she pulled it off at least three times. Like Cher, Katy is into all different plaid colors and styles. She's worn a pleated plaid skirt, a matching plaid skirt and jacket set, and a monochrome checkered suit. Throw in some knee socks—which Katy frequently does—and she's instantly channeling Cher Horowitz.

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Katy Perry

Speaking of knee socks: Katy has managed to incorporate Cher's white knee sock and silver shoes combo—another pairing that you don't frequently encounter.

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Katy Perry

If Katy decides she'd like fewer lines to memorize, she could just as easily pull off the role of Dionne. Katy could be the Dionne to Iggy Azalea’s Cher, just sayin'. Anyway, Katy will have no trouble adjusting to that role: She’s even worn a long-sleeve, crushed velvet baby-doll dress that almost mirrors the one Dee wears in the movie, save for the white shirt paired with it.

So now that the matter is settled and we know Katy should definitely star in Clueless on Broadway, let's start talking show dates. How's 2015 looking for you, Katy?

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