Imagine Dragons To Begin Work On New Album Next Year ... 'Unless We Die'

Breakout band will put 'Night Visions' to bed with 'Into The Night' tour in February.

Imagine Dragons became the breakout band of 2013 thanks to their Night Visions album, but with a new year looming, they're preparing to put the record to bed with one final tour of North America, an arena-sized trek they've dubbed "Into The Night."

The tour -- which kicks off in February -- is a de facto victory lap for the band ... one last chance to [article id="1698938"]celebrate their success[/article] on their home turf. Though, truth be told, they've got a different term for it.

"It's more of a 'Tired Lap' ... we should have called it 'The Gummy Legs' tour," frontman Dan Reynolds sighed. "Into The Night we go."

"This is the part of the race where the marathon runner starts having the physical breakdown at the end," bassist Ben McKee added. "[Your] body's failing, collapsing in a pile of twitching limbs."

That's all very dramatic, because while the Dragons are definitely exhausted, they're also relishing the chance to close out this chapter of their career back home. And when it's done, take a much deserved break from it all ... or, you know, jump right into the process of writing a follow-up record.

"It means a lot to us to close it out in the states; none of us could have expected this year, I think we've been blown away," Reynolds said. "Our heads are spinning, we need to go collect out minds and take in what's going on. I don't think any of us understand what this past year has been ... of course, once it's done, we'll probably go straight into writing or something."

Of course, there's still no firm plans for the new album -- they've already begun writing in earnest while on the road -- but Imagine Dragons plan on entering the studio in 2014 ... barring some major catastrophe, that is.

"We're always writing on the road, [so] that second album will come, unless we die at the age of 27 next year," Reynolds said. "Hopefully we don't die and there will be a second album. I don't know when it will be, but it may come."